Keep Your Brows On Point In Between Appointments

Somewhere between over-plucking in the 90s and an all natural look that followed after, this decade sees the arrival of statement making brows—ones that have been shaped and brushed to perfection.

These days, it’s best to leave shaping to the pros. Tweezing and shaving to maintain the shape in between appointments are fine, but waxing and threading in the right hands create a clean and precise arch that perfectly frames your face.

To maintain the look, here are some essentials that every girl must have to keep their brows on point…

  • Slanted tweezers – Choose one that is sharp and precise to allow for fast and painless plucking.
  • Clear brow mascara to keep your brows neat.
  • Slanted, hard angle brow brush – Invest in a good quality brush to accentuate the shape and fill in your brows.
  • Two tone brow powder – Use the darker shade to highlight the arch and the lighter hue to fill in your brow

Remember to fill it in with light, feathery strokes and brush it well to blend.

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