Maxwax envisions a totally new concept in grooming and style—one where our clients can expect the highest level of expertise and hygiene standards, in a place where they can feel comfortable and confident to talk about anything they want.Our team of aestheticians is dedicated to deliver the best in terms of service and style. We provide customized wax and brow grooming services that render razors, stubble and nicks a thing of the past. Most of all, we provide results that are completely on-point, thanks to our inherent understanding of how today’s trends can work for your personal style and way of life.

Remember: some beauty regimens are best left to experts.

After one too many painful bikini waxes and botched brows in a sketchy back room with a gruff technician, we decided that the grooming experience should be better.Maxwax sets out to redefine everything about the process—from comfort levels, to the aestheticians, to the interiors down to the level of professionalism you can expect. Everything (and everyone) here is dedicated to making the grooming experience simple and something to look forward to.